Sunday, November 22, 2009

Funniest photos of today!

Wookie Goldberg!

Apparently they're the ultimate travel shoes.

p.s i have a pimple in my ear. owchy.

The washing machine's spinning...

...Like my head was on Friday night, a wonderful end of exams celebration!
Had a fantastic night, moving from, band to DJ, back to band and again to the DJ, a different variety of people inside and outside and a different style of dance.
Drank beers until i was dizzy and then kept going. Dancing my way through the hot and sweaty house.
The party finished but we kept up the hype back at Sams through the night...

Drunkily trying to help the meat-eaters with the deep fryer and being very violently and forcefully pulled away by a very helpful young man, thank you Alex, if it wasn't for you i may be fostering 3rd degree burns in a hospital bed right now. Sat around and chatted about rubbish for most of the night with people i don't even know... how did people from Benalla end up in Watsonia?

Spoke lots of German to our token German exchange student and then called our friends in Germany together, that was a laugh, i think i only managed to say "Hallo! hier ist die Mikaela, wie geht's dir? Ja echt gut... haha ich bin ein bisschen betrunken, wie spaet ist es bei euch?" "Hey, it's mikaela, how are you? Yeah really good, haha i'm a bit drunk, what's the time over there?" and then burst out into fits of laughter and hand the phone to Patti. Sorry Sam, if there's a big phone bill i'll pay for it!

After that i remember singing to Lauren playing the guitar, the same songs we sing every time we're drunk.

Will chased me with head and shoulders shampoo and i greedily rubbed it into my hair because it smelled so lovely. Mess doesn't matter when you're under the influence.

After that i don't remember much more. Woke up in the morning sleeping horizontally in between Patti and Will in Sams bed and Sam was sprawled across Pattis bed. Stumbled around the house at 7.30 in the morning still drunk, trying to get ready for work... =( that was difficult.

pushed through a 5 and a half hour shift and walked home and collapsed with a smoothie.

bring on the summer holidays... well deserved.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

boyfriend's coming over to give me cupcakes.

Fruit salad for breakfast
drank tea (black)
Watched morning t.v
Drank tea
got bored
watched day time t.v
got even more bored
watched the mighty Boosh
drank tea
Put on my red scarf
went to doctor
read stupid magazines
Got antiobiotics prescription.
Bought a single stamp for a postcard to Germany.
Walked home
Ate nuts
made Pumpkin soup with nutmeg and cloves and potato and leek. YUM
did basically nothing.
Played world travel game with Josh and Grayson.
drank more tea (this time peppermint)
Luisa rang asking if i wanted a coffee from Mocha bean before she got home. (awesome girl)
Said no.
attempted homework..
Power out.
crazy wind and rain.
start losing my mind... getting tired.
cooked lentil soup for dinner. amazing
ate an orange... boosting my vitamin C
talked to boyf.
he said he'd bring me cupcakes.
wrote blog.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

blogging to procrastinate.

I guess it's in my blood. You got something important to do then you avoid it at all costs. You do things that you wouldn't normally do... like make extravagant art works out of food and dust your mantle piece... or maybe even search for that cat brush you know was lying around your house a few years ago because your feline friend is suddenly looking a little scruffy. Proscrastination is so much fun and so adventurous... i reckon it's the time when one's imagination and creativity shines.

Today, Sunday 23rd August:
Feeling like absolute rubbish. Sitting here at the kitchen table, newspapers scattered everywhere and word documents open...(both for literature.) that's not fair! Totally sleep deprived and hungover... my liver is pretty angry at me at the moment... sorry mate, that's what we pay for fun nights.

Luisa, my most favourite German in the whole world is probably procrastinating too... no one types that fast when doing homework... she's definately typing for a purpose. on a mi-mah mission.
My face is all congested and my hands look freakishly shiny... i nappy-sanned my school t-shirts today. I also wrote a fairy tale in German today about a sad and lonely chimney sweep called Schmitz who gets his wish granted by a little green elf. Schmitz ends up being very happy and he has dinner with his new friend Fritz. That 272 word wonder took me all day to write... now im trying to beat my procrastination limit with my lit homework....

i made a fantastic smoothie this morning, and ate fantastic bread and fantastic cheese and fantastic pesto. I love the hungover mornings after market day.
the t.v sounds so ridiculous from the other room, it's a completely different experience without the visuals.

anyway. my lovely vegie pie is defrosting and Luisa is making her salad... it is the best salad in the world... really it is.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I wish i found a door...

in my house, that lead to another world, where everything is more fun.But I'm quite happy in the house I'm in without the door.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can't help but be excited!

Have you all seen one of today's headlines!
Alice in wonderland is having a makeover! A modern version of all those quirky mottos and ideas...
Do you reckon it'll maintain it's innocence even though drugs were always the underlying theme.
or are we so corrupt that we might not be able to recreate the innoncence that was? Or will it be too childish and fun? I hope not. Tim Burton's usually capable of catering for us all.

I'm not at all sceptical. Just a little questioning. Curious.

This sounds fantastic.
The already weird and wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland just got weirder after a 21st-century makeover from offbeat director Tim Burton.
Here are the
first images released by Disney from the reworking of Lewis Carroll's classic tale by Burton, who last pushed the boundaries in another children's classic - 2005's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Johnny Depp is almost unregonisable as the Mad Hatter, whilst the ensemble cast of Anne Hathaway, Matt Lucas, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Helena Bonham Carter make it one of 2010's most eagerly awaited movies.
Little-known Australian actress Mia Wasikowska, is playing a much older Alice, who as the slightly amended story goes, flees a party after spotting the White Rabbit and follows him down a hole and into Wonderland.
As well as the startling transformations by their costumes and make-up, the actors' features have been digitally altered, making them look far removed from their normal selves.
"It has been Burtonised" is how producer Richard Zanuck describes the director's vision in an interview with
USA Today.
Of Depp's seventh collaboration with Burton, Zanuck laments "this character is off his rocker".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rub your hands together and feel the friction...BURN.

Quite impressed with the title of this blog... The only ounce of inspiration inside me, wasted.
2 diaries open wide in front of me, and an empty blog patiently waiting for me to tip,tip,tip some words of wisdom and intelligence into its blankness... Sorry little blog, but you'll be waiting a while.

Got nothing streaming my way, but some cute little music beats and the annoying incosistency of Chris Martin's voice. God that man can't sing.

Not feeling incredibly enlightened, free, refreshed.
Not floating on that soft bed of cloud nine today.

Not feeling particularly enthusiastic about finishing this blog either.